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Client Satisfaction Survey

  • This survey is to be completed by the individual receiving services from Barrowman Case Management, assisted, if necessary, by a family member/legal guardian or residential provider staff. The results of this survey are confidential. Please complete and return by August 16, 2022.

    The survey is written as if it is being answered by the individual, regardless of who reads the statements to the individual or assists them in responding. If you are assisting the individual, please think in terms of the individual’s reaction, not your own experience or from your point of view.

    To the individual:

    There are several ways that your case manager works for and with you. This survey lists ways that you and your case manager interact. Please circle the answer for each statement that is the closest to your experience with your case manager. NOT ALL INTERACTIONS ARE REQUIRED; some case managers go beyond the required interactions with their clients, and this survey includes these interactions as well.

  • Thank you for completing the survey. If someone assisted you with this survey, please include their role or relationship to you (guardian, DSP, friend, etc.,).
  • For additional comments or questions, please contact Kaleena Miller at [email protected] or Carla Barrowman Clevenger at [email protected].