Guiding Values

Facilitation of Independence, integration, and inclusion of people with disabilities into the community.

Belief in the diginity and self-worth of all people.

Commitment to advocacy activities that support the efforts of people with disabilities to empower themselves.

Commitment to considering individuals within the context of the family systems and communities.

Finding and expanding an individuals natural support system.

Providing services and supports that empower the individual and allow for informed decision-making.

Services and supports that emphasize integrated services that are mutually planned for the individual and his/her natural supports and service providers.


In effort to accomplish our values and goals, we agree that:

1. Telephone calls must be returned within 24 business hours.  This is something that we live (and die) by.  If you are to be out of the office and cannot respond to the individual on the message, indicate when you will be able to respond to their concerns.  Calls to the office telephone will be forwarded by the office manager via text messages or voicemail.

2. We do not use jargon.  Remember that these individuals may not be familiar with the terminology that has been developed by Medicaid, State Offices and others.  Some terms like 'Individual', 'Consumer', 'Community Activities and Events', and 'Map 109' are not a necessary evil and are required in the paperwork that we do.  However, since the individuals we support and their families/guardians are just people, we need to treat them as equals.

3. Know the people you serve well enough that you can name three really cool things about them without thinking.

All of the Case Managers at BCM have been chosen because of the various gifts and talents that they bring to the field and to BCM.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  If you are having difficulty with a situation, please take advantage of the diverse experience of Carla and the other Case Managers within the office.  ASK

We at BCM are a family and a team.  The BCM family includes the case managers, the people we support and their families/guardians, and trickles down to the other providers.  It is up to us to make a difference in the lives of those we support,  As in all families, there may be differences, but we must continue to work together to build each other up and strive to provide the best supports possible.